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Meet Our Administrative Team

Steve Livingston – Managing Partner

Steve Livingston, founder of Agave Estates, has a deep understanding of what it takes to create a truly memorable and special occasion.  His commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for creating special events make him an asset to the Agave Estates team and the Katy community.

Steve is known for his dedication to cultivating excellence in his team members. He has a keen eye for detail and is committed to providing a level of customer service that exceeds what is commonly found in the wedding industry.  In addition to his expertise, he leads by example and encourages his employees to think creatively and strive for perfection, while always looking for ways to improve the experience for Agave’s clients, In addition to his professional expertise and dedication to excellence, Steve is known for his warm and positive personality.  Whether he is working with clients to plan their dream wedding or leading his team to achieve their best work, he is consistently focused on creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere.  His primary focus is to “leave every individual he encounters better than when he found them”.

Steve’s genuine desire to make everyone feel welcome and valued is just one of the many reasons why he is such a beloved and respected member of the Katy community and for these reasons, along with so many more, it is no wonder that Agave Estates, under Steve’s leadership, has become known as a place where people can come to celebrate life’s most special moments in style.

Amanda Krocker – Director of Operations

Meet Amanda Krocker, who is one of the driving forces behind the success of Agave Estates. As the Director of Operations, Amanda is responsible for creating, overseeing, and implementing all procedures that ensure flawless events.  From managing the event coordination and sales teams to leading the event staff alongside our Banquet Manager, Amanda’s job is to make sure that every little detail is taken care of.  She has a unique talent for spotting opportunities and developing innovative solutions that drive business growth and success.   She is a natural leader who inspires and motivates those around her to do their best work.

But it’s not just about checking boxes for Amanda, who’s passion for weddings and events began way back in grade school and carried on into college, where she studied Hospitality Management at the University of North Texas. Throughout her career, she has gained a wealth of experience working in event settings such as hotels, country clubs, and finally wedding venues, where she found her true calling to help couples plan their perfect day. And what she loves most about coordinating events is when she gets to surprise couples with the level of service she and her team provide.

Sure, answering questions and confirming with vendors are all important tasks, but Amanda and her team go above and beyond to connect with each couple and work with them to make their dream wedding a reality. Of course, coordinating events can be a demanding job, with long hours and aching feet at the end of a great party, but Amanda’s dedication to excellence, and getting to experience the sheer joy and love that each of our couples express at the end of the day, makes it all worthwhile!


Amanda Bayer – Marketing Director

Janeth Mesa – Banquet Manager

Kim Nazimek – Accounting

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